Sep 29th, 2007

Gone Shopping

by Maria
Posted in Pre-Trip

If you asked either of us to name something that we absolutely loathe, we would both probably answer “shopping”. Can’t stand it. Never have, never will. We find it about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard or root canals. This explains why we haven’t bought a single item (not even bikes) for the TDA yet…up until today that is! Since all the end of summer sales are on now, we decided that we would get off our butts and cram in as much shopping as we can into one painful weekend. We woke up early, had a big breakfast and planned the route. We then prepared ourselves mentally by repeating the following several times: “We WILL shop today. We WILL have the patience to go to every store. We WILL resist the urge to run out of the mall and into a coffee shop”. Determined to scratch off as many items on our “Things to buy for our trip” list as possible, we headed out. We were focused, we were motivated, a force to be reckoned with I tell ya’. Eight hours later we got home with this. As you can see we are doing very, very well. :(

2 Responses to “Gone Shopping”

  1. Theresa Brown Says:

    Hi Guys! LOVE your blog…fell off my chair laughing at your recent hugely successful hunting/gathering expedition! Keep it simple, I say! Looking forward to details on your inevitable future shopping expeditions! All the best. Theresa.

  2. spanky Says:

    ah, a flash drive… just what one needs when cycling through the wilds of Africa. But, when you do meet that local that just NEEDS to back up their computer files, you’ll be johnny on the spot.

    There’s a difference between “shopping” and “shopping for bike gear”, I could spend hours in MEC and bike shops…

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