Mar 1st, 2008

Cheesy Tourist Moment no. 476

by Maria
Posted in Ethiopia

I forgot to tell you about my ride on a mule. I can’t decide whether to call it my “Cheesy Tourist Moment no. 476” or my “Life’s More Humiliating Moments no. 98976”. You tell me.

img_17901.jpgAt Lalibela, you can opt to get a mule ride to the monastery. I hadn’t given it much thought so when it was offered up, I just said “sure”. I imagined a long arduous hike, with everyone along the route on mule. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. First of all, Spiros chose to walk because of his injury. “Fair enough”, I thought. Then our guide chose to walk; I just assumed that he wanted to keep Spiros company. At that point, I was thinking that I might as well walk as well but the mule and his owner had already arrived and I felt a little bad about cancelling. So, up I went. We set off, the mule owner walking in front and guiding the mule, Spiros and the guide walking behind. Half an hour into the trail, I realized that I was the only person being carried up this very busy trail; everyone else was walking. I should also mention at this point that the mule was a) approximately half my size and b) none to happy about the whole situation. I guess no one asked him if he wanted to carry this fairly round woman up the mountain because he soon started to screech and refused to move. Of course, several locals came to the owner’s aid, helping pull or prod the mule along…laughing the whole while of course. Not humiliating enough for you? Well, what if I told you that halfway through the hike one of the locals on the trail figured I needed help staying on the mule and decided to walk beside us, holding me up by the arm. I need you to picture this: a relatively easy trail, dozens of people of all ages walking along merrily, many carrying huge piles of wood or dung on their back. Then you have me… on a miniature mule… a miniature mule in the midst of a hissy fit… one man struggling to pull the mule and another man propping me up by the arm to keep me from falling off. I think that it was also at this point that Spiros screamed out “You know you’re towering over that thing. You might as well have Marissa (our 10 year old niece) carry you up.”…Sigh.

The situation got pretty ridiculous. Luckily, I get a secret kick out of “ridiculous”. It’s much more fun, don’t ya’ think? I really do feel bad for the poor mule who had to lug me up this mountain though. It just doesn’t seem fair. Fortunately there is such a thing as karma and the poor beast did get his revenge. I’m pretty sure he gave me fleas you see. :D

2 Responses to “Cheesy Tourist Moment no. 476”

  1. James Says:

    nice ass (donkey I mean) Maria!

  2. Emmayy Says:

    nice work, dude

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