Aug 14th, 2008

Gone Swimming

by Maria
Posted in Croatia

We’re in beautiful Croatia! Gorgeous coastline, stunning islands, fresh seafood, sun, sun and more sun. After weeks of mountains and passes, we are eager to cycle along the coast and swim in the Adriatic. This should be good.

Okay, enough blogging; we’re off to the beach. It’s time to show off the bike short and t-shirt tan lines that we have been working on so hard for so many months. Oh, and there’s also that lovely patch of heat rash on my legs too. Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hope you are all doing well!!! (Gallery updated with more photos).

2 Responses to “Gone Swimming”

  1. Diana Says:

    Great pictures!!! I love the window series and the dance festival series best. As for the pics with the amazing Dolomites in the background grrrrr ;-)

    Suffice to say that I spent all night until after 4 am reading from your blog and looking at the pictures :-)

  2. Sandy Says:

    Hey guys,

    Looking good out there. I have just looked in after a while and glad to see you are still at it.


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