May 2nd, 2009

Ummm…Time For an Update, I Think

by Maria
Posted in South Africa

BeachWow, it has been a while since we last updated! My apologies, my mind has been elsewhere lately. So, let’s start where we left off. We were in Cambodia. How did we end up back in Cape Town, South Africa? We were sitting in a coffee shop in Phnom Penh, talking about the inevitable; the end of the trip and going back home. Our cycling tour was pretty much over and we were trying to decide on a spot where we could hang out for a week or two before heading back, maybe some beach in Thailand. Our plan was to fly home early March. We had found tickets on expedia weeks ago, saved the itinerary and periodically logged in and looked at them. We never could find the will to purchase. Then Mel, our friend from South Africa, come online and we started to chat. She soon said, “Hey, why don’t you come here?” We could spend some time with her and Luc and then we could house sit for her while she went to Europe. There were lots of reasons to do it; to see Mel and Luc again, we LOVE South Africa, there is a hiring freeze due to the global economy back home anyway and spending time in SA would actually be cheaper then living in Vancouver, the jeans, Manoushes…actually just for the blog entry alone was good enough for me. ;-) Of course, there was one blaring reason not too; we were running out of money and we were very, very, very far away from South Africa. I distinctly remember the words: “Ah ^%$$% it. Let’s just go and we’ll worry about it later” being spoken. About 48 hours after the idea came up; we had tickets and were making our way back to Thailand to catch our flight. I’ve spent more time trying to decide what to have for lunch. Who knew we were so impulsive? We certainly don’t look the part. I mean seriously, look at us; the all beige wardrobe, conservative hair cuts, the sensible shoes. People in sensible shoes don’t just throw caution to the wind like that, do they? That quiet person in the cubicle next to you at work isn’t dreaming of cycling through the Middle East or climbing Mount Everest…are they? Hmmmmmm.

HikingSo, what have we been doing in Cape Town? Well, after 14 months on the road, the first thing we needed to do was get cleaned up. That took the better part of a week. Sheesh, that was really exhausting! Since then, we’ve been doing lots. Lots of cycling, (gorgeous, GORGEOUS cycling here), lots of hiking, going to the beach, sight seeing, tried rock climbing, spending time with friends, relaxing, getting used to having a refrigerator and a laundry machine again, looking into squatter’s rights (just kidding Mel…honest) and even taking some time to do something creative. Mel is an AMAZING mosaic artist and has not only given me some lessons but has allowed me to use her workshop while she was gone. This is my second mosaic, I call her bootyliscous – ness. :-D BikingMost of all though, we’ve been trying to process this amazing adventure, these past 16 incredible months that have been our lives. To have seen the Pyramids, Ankgor Wat, the Sossusvlei Sand dunes, the Dolomites, the Ngorongoro Crater, to have been on several safaris, to have seen 40 wild elephants march in line to get to the waterhole, to have ridden our bikes through Ethiopia and Sudan, and Tanzania, to have bush camped in the desert, to have locals surround our camp and play music and sing songs, to have strangers invite us into their home because we are guests in their country, to have gone out there in the world, taken a chance and to have discovered that the world is a far more beautiful, far more friendly place then we could have ever imagined…well, that is a lot to process. How could two people be soooooooooooo fortunate?

Chapman’s PeakAre we ready to come home now? Well, no. We really are ruined for life, but it is time. We need to start planning the next adventure after all. ;-) We actually have tickets to Canada now. We leave Africa in the third week of May, spend a few weeks in Montreal to visit family and then back to Vancouver on June 16th, approximately 17 months after we left. But that’s weeks away. Right now, I’m going for a bike ride.

5 Responses to “Ummm…Time For an Update, I Think”

  1. sandy Says:

    Damn that moasic is beutiful…

  2. sandy Says:

    For your next adventure you need to come up with a ‘never been done before’ route. So you ride the silk rout – whatever; ride the middle east- loads have been there done that. You are pioneers now, you need to pave the way for something new….As Dora would say ‘Let’s stop and think’. Hmmmm, bet no one has ridden the arctic? OK OK you guys like heat, forget that. You’ve done deserts, so that’s no good… So I am thinking Amazon? Take your bike up to Manchu Picchu? I wait with great anticipation.

  3. Maria Says:

    YAY!!! You like the mosaic. Thanks :-)

    Well, I wouldn’t call us pioneers, but doing something ‘that’s never been done’ before does sound sweet. You’d be amazed to know what people are doing out there though…Cycling from Alaska to Argentina…done, Cycling the Amazon…done, Cycling to Machu Pichu…done, cycling from the Dead Sea (lowest point) to Nepal and then climbing Mount Everest…done. Have you heard of Colin and Julie Angus? Circumnavigating the world by human power (including ROWING across the Atlantic). We’re going to need a bigger imagination then we have now, not to mention bigger “kahones”. Maybe we need to get NASA involved. ;-) If you think of anything… :-)

  4. sandy Says:

    oh boy – we will need a Friday night trip to Starbucks like old times to brainstorm that one!

  5. Maria Says:

    Oh, yeah! Our Friday night trips to Starbucks, always so much fun. :-) It HAS been years since we did that. Sounds like a great plan to me!

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