May 10th, 2009

Loving Lesotho

by Maria
Posted in Lesotho

LesothoSo we packed up Lucy and set off for Drakensberg. Of course, we couldn’t resist going into Lesotho; a small mountainous country completely landlocked by South Africa. We crossed the border and my heart was pounding. Another country, something new to see and experience; what could be more exciting? It’s always surprising how much things can change from one minute to the next as you cross a border; crossing into Lesotho from South Africa was no exception.

LunchWe drove through the capital and through some of the other towns in the lowlands. We stopped occasionally to take pictures, the views and sights were incredible, the people seemed very friendly. We drove to and spent the night in Ts’ehlanyane National Park. The next day, as we headed back, we spotted a huge crowd of people gathered around so of course we had to stop. It was a Sunday; it turned out to be a church service. No actual church, just a service under a beautiful blue sky and towering, lush green mountains. Beautiful. Spiros had his camera, but since it was a religious service, wasn’t planning on taking photos. One girl, Julia, had other things in mind though. When she saw the camera, she screamed out. “Oh, come here! Shoot me, shoot me!!” Well, you only have to ask Spiros once. ;-) After dozens of photos, she looked at the portraits and said “Oh, I’m so gooooooooooooooood”. :-D A star was born. I guess you had to be there, but it was really, really fun and kids soon started lining up. People then began eating, dancing and inviting us to join in. As I’ve said it before, the world is really a very friendly place.

MusicianLesotho is outstandingly beautiful and the people we met were lovely. Yet another stunning reminder of why Africa has left such a deep impression in our hearts and minds.

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