Jul 5th, 2009


by Maria
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MariaWe’ve made life choices that really don’t sit well with some. Some people get it, some don’t, still others get downright angry and can’t help but go on the attack. “How much money did you waste? Why would you leave security, good jobs, your home to cycle in the desert, get diarrhoea and have rocks thrown at you?”. A response of “For the experience” is rebuked with “But can you touch it?!!”. Sigh 8-O . “Can you TOUCH IT?” Sometimes these reactions are annoying, most of the time they are just amusing. For the record, I’m not blogging so that I can convince people to drop everything and travel the world on a bicycle. (I would be thrilled for you if you did, but that is not the point). At best, we hope to be teeny tiny reminders that there are options out there…lots of ‘em. Life is short, live it up now cause I’m pretty sure you can’t take those high definition TVs and all those other big, shiny things “you can touch” with you when you go.

I do realize that if you are actually reading my drivel, you are probably like–minded and I’m preaching to the converted. I’m sorry but, I just really, really feel the need to say one last thing: I’m quite comfortable in my skin, this dry, flakey, sun damaged, weather-beaten, wrinkly and scarred skin of mine. Our decisions, successes, failures are our own. They may not suit most, but they suit us just fine. This isn’t the life I thought I would have, this is the life I dreamt of.

4 Responses to “Comfortable”

  1. Diana Says:

    Fabulous, Maria! How many people out there, you think, can say the same about themselves: that they live the life they dreamt of ?
    You came back more beautiful than ever! The skin is not an indicator. The feeling and experience from within are transpiring.
    Please, don’t forget to smile and laugh as this wicked “normality” is taking over. It’s temporary, you know that :-)

  2. Maria Says:

    Thanks Diana, I won’t forget.

  3. sandy Says:

    You can’t touch it?? …YOU CAN’T TOUCH IT???

    Can you touch Happiness?
    Can you touch Love?
    Can you touch Hope?
    Can you touch God?

  4. Maria Says:


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