Number of Countries Visited: 26 – Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Tunisia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, France, Monaco, Holland, Thailand, Laos Vietnam, Cambodia

Number of Countries Cycled in: 24

Number of Countries Missed Due to Civil Unrest: 1, Kenya

Total Number of Border Crossings: 49

Number of km Cycled: 22,600km

Km Cycled by Continent: Asia – 5,036, Europe – 6,344, Africa 11,219

Total Riding Days: 225

Number of Meters Climbed: 153,625m

Highest Total Vertical Gain in One Day: 2730m (Dolomites)

Average Cycling Day: 100.44 km

Number of 100 km Plus Days: 117

Number of Century Rides (100 mile rides): 10

Longest Cycling Day in km: 209km – Ghanzi, Botswana to Buitepos, Namibia

Longest Cycling Day by Time (riding time): 8:26:24 – Kalasin, Thailand to Mukdahan, Thailand

Highest Number of km Cycled in a Seven Day Period: 985km

Fastest Recorded Speed: 78 km/hr in Ethiopia, Spiros. (Maria reached 75 km/hr but that was head-first down a sand dune on a piece of particle board).

Hottest Riding Temperature: 44°C – Three way tie: Ethiopia, Croatia, South Africa

Coldest Riding Temperature: 4°C – Tie, Botswana and France

Fastest Time to Cycle From One End of a Country to the Other: 30 minutes, Monaco. Would have been faster without the traffic jam.

Number of Flats: Most of the flats we got (not many) were due to tube failures, (mostly in Africa). We can only recall getting 2 actual tire punctures where an object went through the tire….not bad for over 45,000km (Go Schwalbe!)

Number of Replacement Back Wheels Purchased: 3, not including the original. Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam (but purchased in South Africa)

Number of Breaks in our Tent Poles: 3 breaks, 2 poles

Number of Doors in our Tent that were Still Functional: 1/2 (tent came with two doors)

Number of Photographs Taken: 40,000 give or take a few

Number of World Heritage Sites Visited: 51

Maximum Number Elephants Spotted at One Time: 40, Etosha National Park, Namibia

Number of Rhinos Seen at One Time: 6, including a baby

Number of Coffee Joints Maria Declared War on in Tunisia: 3 (No, it wasn’t because they mixed up her order. It has to do with a common tourist scam and Lavazza. She may seem mild mannered but, umm…she ain’t always).

Number of Times we Secretly Suspected we Would Wake Up the Next Morning in the Sahara Desert with Very Bad Headaches, being Licked by Camels: See: Number of Coffee Joints Maria Declared War on in Tunisia.

Number of Times Spiros Got off the Bike in a Fit of Anger to Chase Down Adolescents for Various Reasons in Tunisia: 3 (A little side note: running at full speed with cycling shoes on is not easy.)

Number of Broken Bones: 1 (collar bone)

Number of Stanley Cups Won by the Toronto Maple Leafs Since we have Been Gone: 0 (No surprises there. :-P )

Number of Giant Celine Dion Billboards Encountered During our Trip: 1 Tataouine, Tunisia of all places

Number of Times we Got Shot at, Hypothetically of Course: Well, it was about 10 shots but only one instance. Does that count as 10 or 1? Hmmmmm. (Bosnia-Hercegovina)

Number of Cycling Shorts that have Completely Disintegrated: 4

Number of Operas Attended: 1 – Avida in Verona, Italy

Highest Number of People on a Single Motorbike: 6

How Many Years it will be Before Either of us Eats Oatmeal or Peanut Butter Again: At least one or two decades.

Number of Times we got Chased by Dogs: Plenty but zero bites. Woohoo!

Number of Times we got Chased by Baboons: 1

Number of “Animals in Distress” we Rescued: 5

  1. Tiny field mouse saved from Eddie and Scaffy (Mel’s cats).
  2. Eddie and Scaffy from the biggest, baddest, meanest, ugliest, hairiest, spider that has ever walked the earth.
  3. Pinkie, the cat, from abandonment in Chau Doc, Vietnam.
  4. Pepe, the travelling sheep, from a life endlessly roaming the Sossusvlei sand dunes.

Okay, the last two are stuffed but we still risked life and limb you know.

Number of Times we Almost got Arrested: 1. Oh, did we forget to mention that before? That’s a shame. That tale had intrigue, suspense, excitement, humiliation, shame…all the elements of a really killer blog. Oh well, it’s best not to dwell on the past.

Number of Countries we were Almost Thrown Out of: 1, South Africa. Apparently arriving at the airport in shabby clothing, with a year’s worth of stamps in your passport and saying “I don’t know how long we are staying. We really like it here.” is not a good idea. Okay, admittedly, not the savviest of answers.

Number of Regrets for Dropping Everything to Cycle the Road Less Travelled: A very big, very fat ZERO!!!!

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  1. Diana Says:

    Awesome!! Keep tracking the good things and fun moments you have day after day and thrive for more. It’ll make you feel so much better! You’ll see, it’s all in the details :-)

    Pepe thinks “you saved me from a life of adventure to get buried alive here in the city!” but then he has the common sense to think it over again. A glass of wine with friends from time to time, hearing and remembering stories, watching travel photos – and he feels blessed again!

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