Jul 5th, 2009

Seeds and a Mini Rant

by Maria
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Life can change in an instant. We’re reminded of it every day; mostly we are being reminded of how it can change for the worse. The news, commercials, magazines, basically everywhere you look we are reminded of just how dangerous a place we live in. You can get hit by a car, you can be diagnosed with a disease, you can get mugged, etc etc. If you just think about it for one second a complete laundry list of things that could ruin your day, week, year and life spring to mind. Sure, there is a lot of scary stuff out there, sure you need to be aware and cautious but have we not gone a little overboard, are we now not scaring ourselves silly? Case in point: I passed by a rec. center the other day. There was a sign on the gym door that said “No hot beverages permitted due to safety concerns”. So, bring in as many cold drinks as you like but hot beverages are banned due to the extreme risk of injury, scarring and more to the point, litigation. Sheesh, how we are supposed to feel good about taking chances in life if a latte causes that much anxiety? Yes, safety standards and caution have their place but we still have to live right? I mean, that is the whole point, isn’t it? If all we do is run around putting up “caution’ signs and bathing in anti-septic gels, when do you find the time or energy to smell the roses? Huh? Huh? When? How? Guh, I digress. Somewhere in the middle of that little mini-rant I went completely off the point I was trying to make. Okay, mini rant over. Let me start over again.

Life can change in an instant. We’re reminded of it every day; mostly we’re being reminded of how it can change for the worse. Fair enough, it can happen, but we shouldn’t loose sight of the fact that a split second can also change your life, or the course of your life, for the better. It’s true; I’ve seen it happen many a time. Case in point: one day Spiros is bored out of his gord, craving a little adventure and googles “cycling” and “Africa” just for the heck of it. He finds the TDA; from that moment on we can’t think about anything else until, finally, 4 years later we are at the Pyramids. We’ve all heard a different rendition of that tale time and time again. Okay, so maybe you’re thinking life is a little hum-drum right now, but later on today, you may meet your soul mate or you may see something that plants some tiny seed in your head, some crazy idea or dream that just keeps growing until you finally have to do something about it. It might be today, it might not be, maybe you’ll have to wait just little bit longer but even the prospect is exciting, don’t you think? At least it is to me, a hopeless optimist, anyway.

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