Jul 5th, 2009

Things Seen & Done and Lessons Learnt

by Maria
Posted in Post Trip

Over the past 17 months we have:

Seen some amazing places.

Walking on the Dunes

Witnessed some breathtaking scenes.


Met incredible people…


and made many friends along the way.


We tried new things.

Water pipe

We fell in love with little red boxes.

Red Box

We got dirty.


Occasionally, we cleaned up.

Cleaning Up

We stumbled.


We got back up again.


And of course we cycled…


then cycled some more…


and then a little bit more after that.


We chased (and caught ;-) ) a 4 year old dream.


We learnt a few lessons along the way. Some were new to us, others we just needed to be reminded of. Here are just a few, in no particular order:

Life is short, chase your dreams now.


Those steep hills up ahead always seem harder then they really are.


The world is a very, very friendly place.

Friendly Place

Curiosity is a wonderful thing.


A bucket can be the best fun ever.


The desert is a great place to sing out loud, at the top of your lungs.


You really can’t have too much color in your life.


Everyone loves an elephant.

Loving Elephants

Duct tape can fix almost anything.

Duct Tape

When it can’t, take a deep breath and trust that things will be okay.

Take a deep breath

Be open to spontaneity and spur of the moment detours, sometimes they are the most rewarding.


Laugh and smile every chance you get; there ain’t anything more beautiful than that.


Share what you have; your ride, your food, your life. What you get in return is priceless.


The best bike rides are the ones shared with friends. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for sharing in our little bike ride…

Best Rides

…thank you for sharing our journey.

At the beach

4 Responses to “Things Seen & Done and Lessons Learnt”

  1. Brian Ballard Says:

    Thanks for the last 17 months, ive checked you website every week to see where you are and how you are doing. Its been a blast, now write a damn cool travel book so we can all buy it! the photos are amazing, the writing funny and informative…. you know you have what it takes :)

  2. Maria Says:

    Wow, thanks Brian, that is very nice of you. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear that you were following along and enjoying the blog. Thanks again. :-)

  3. Brian Ballard Says:

    I checked every few days without fail. Sometimes cursing that you hadn’t updated in ages, then whole pages of new updates would appear to read through… Lets just say it sure helped brighten my 15 months I worked at Sprint!! Your blog has been one of my internet highlights since you started on the travels. I can only imagine how it feels to come down to earth in Vancouver. What an epic adventure you have both had….

  4. Maria Says:

    LOL, yeah, I know. We never did get the hand of updating regularly. Sorry about that, we’ll do better next time. ;-)

    Thanks again Brian, really glad you enjoyed it!

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