About Us

We are a married couple living in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Montreal, we moved out to the West Coast about 11 years ago.

We love travel and we love cycling. If we are not doing one or the other, we are miserable. ;-) Okay, maybe not miserable…but at least a little cranky. Trying to think of one reason why we love to travel is difficult, the reasons are endless. To see amazing places, to experience different cultures, to feel more connected to the rest of the world, to escape the daily grind of 9 to 5, for the adventure and for the challenge. We fell in love with travel by bicycle in 2000, when we cycled through Europe from Scotland to Greece. It really is, for us anyway, the best way to travel because you meet people and see places that you just wouldn’t if you were zipping by in a car or train. In an odd way, you feel less the tourist. There is just something special about rolling into a new place, where everything is just different from what you are used to and you don’t know what to expect. You feel so alive! Travelling to us means living our dreams.

When we are not biking, we can be found hiking, kayaking, running or sitting in some coffee shop trying to figure out how to pay for our next trip.

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Maria Collection
Odds & Ends About Maria
  • Has secretly kept a coffee-stained, crumpled up map of the Tour D’Afrique at her work desk for 3 years.
  • Is known to burst out laughing for no apparent reason. (Waiting for something funny to happen is an unfortunate waste of time).
  • Happiest when her “formal wear” is a ratty skirt and running shoes and has grease stains from her bike chain on her calf.
  • Has run 3 marathons and a few shorter races.
Odds & Ends About Spiros
  • Loves travel photography as much as cycling. You can see some of his pictures in the gallery.
  • Once tried to negotiate a deal with a rather inebriated fellow in a bar in Scotland who wanted to “buy Maria”. It was funny…really…you had to be there.
  • Enjoys physical challenges. Would like to one day compete in an Ironman and cycle across North and South America.
  • Has run 4 marathons and a few shorter races.
Spiros Collection