Thank you for your interest in supporting our goal to raise money for WaterCan and Against Malaria. It is extremely important to us to try to give back what we can. Your help, be it financial, be it raising awareness and understanding, or be it new fundraising ideas, is truly appreciated!!!

WaterCan “Clean Water For All”

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Water is the most basic of human needs, and yet a billion people in the world today still go without access to clean drinking water. The impact from lack of safe drinking water in a community is devastating. Each year, there are 2.2 millions deaths, mostly children under the age of 5, related to problems associated with unsafe drinking water. This is equivalent to 6000 deaths every single day [1]. Providing clean water and sanitation is one of the most cost effective ways to improving the health status of people in developing countries [1].

WaterCan is a Canadian charity dedicated to providing clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. Click on the WaterCan logo above for more information.

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Against Malaria

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Malaria is one of the most devastating diseases in the world. The numbers are truly staggering; it kills over 1 million people every year. 70% of those deaths are children under 5. That’s equivalent to one child dying of malaria in Africa every 30 seconds [2] . 20% of all babies born in Zambia do not make it to see their 5th birthday [3]. Malaria disproportionately affects the rural poor, those most at risk are also least likely to be able to afford bed nets or treatment when they fall sick.

The single most effective means of prevention is a long lasting insecticidal mosquito net (LLIN)[4]. Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets work by creating a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of transmissions occur. This is a very effective means to save lives and we can all help.

Against Malaria donates 100%[2] of your donation towards the purchase of bed nets for the communities that need them most. Click on the Against Malaria logo above for more information.

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The enormity of the problems facing developing countries is overwhelming, but we believe that we can all make a real difference. Since we will be cycling through some of the communities that will benefit from this fundraising; we hope to be able to see and share the impact that your generous donations and support will have on the people who need it.

Thank you for your generous donations and support.