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After many, many months of painstaking research and shopping, our gear is finally coming together. The following lists our equipment for the TDA portion of our trip. Please note it is incomplete and will be updated in the next few weeks. Hopefully, we will get everything in time. ;-) A big thank you to all the TDA riders, past and present, who have gone out of their way to answer our questions. You have been extremely helpful. We will return the favour next year! Many thanks as well to Duncan and Willie at John Henry Bikes and to the folks at Schwalbe for all your advice.

Last Update: December 29, 2007

Bike-Large bike details
Bikes 2 Specialized Tricross Comp
Tires 6 700x23C Schwalbe Stelvio Plus
6 700x32C Schwalbe Marathon Supreme
6 700x40C Schwalbe Marathon XR
Cassette Sram OG1070 11-28T
Crankset Shimano 105 Triple 50-39-30 (modified from original 48-34T)
Chain Sram 1070 (modified from original)
Pedals Shimano PD-M520 SPD
Front Derailleur Shimano 105 Triple (modified)
Rear Derailleur Shimano Ultegra Triple (modified)
Brakes Avid Shoty 4, Cantilever brake with cartridge pads
Bike Accessories - Helmet bike accessories
Cycling computers 2 VDO MC 1.0 wired with Altimeter
Helmets 2 Rudy Project Kontact +
Cycling Shoes 1 Shimano SH-181 SPD (Spiros)
1 (Maria)
Riding glasses 2 Rudy Project Rydon
Water Bottles 8 0.75 L
Hydration Backpacks 1 Camelbak H.A.W.G 3.0L (Spiros)
1 Deuter Race Exp Air (Maria)
Saddle Bags 2 Topeak Aero Wedge
Air Pumps 1 Topeak Combo Master Blaster
1 Topeak Mini Road Morph
Bike Spare Parts bike spare parts
Chains 6 Sram PC 1070
Cassettes 2 Shimano 105 12-27T
Chain Rings 2 Shimano 105 (50T)
2 Shimano 105 (39T)
Brake Pads 10 Sets (Cartridge Inserts)
Shifter Cable/Housing Set 2 Shimano Dura-Ace
Brake Cable/Housing Set 2 Shimano Dura-Ace
Bottom Brackets 2 Shimano 105
Front Derailleur 1 Shimano 105 Triple
Rear Derailleur 1 Shimano 105 Triple
Rim Tape 4 Schwalbe Rolls
SPD Shoe Cleats 2 Shimano
Handlebar tape 2 Deda Rolls
Saddle 1 Spare from other bikes
Seat Post 1 Spare from other bikes
SPD Pedals 2 Spares from other bikes
Glue Patches 6 Park Volcanizing Patch Kit (sets of 6)
Self Adhesive Tube Patches 2 Park Super Patch Kit (sets of 6)
Spokes 15 Front Wheel and Rear Wheel Non-Drive Side
12 Rear Wheel Drive Side
Tubes 17 Schwalbe (for 32C and 40C tires)
12 Schwalbe (for 23C tires)
Seatpost Collar 2
Nuts and Bolts
Cycling Computer Batteries 2
Cycling Computer Wiring Kit 1 for VDO MC 1.0
Bike Tools bike spare parts
Tire Levers 3 sets Schwalbe
Chaintool 2
Chain Wear Indicator 1 Park CC-2
Pedal Wrench 1 15mm
Multi-Purpose Tools 2
Spoke Wrench 1
Small Vice Grip 1
Chain Lubricant 2 6oz Tri-Flow Lube
Tie Wraps lots
Emergency Tire Boot 1 Park (set of 3)
Electrical Tape 1 Roll (proven to be priceless on previous tours)
Latex Gloves (to keep hands clean when servicing the bike)
Tube of Grease 1 Park Polylube
Degreaser 2 bottles
Screwdriver 1 Slot/Phillips head
Bike Cleaning Brush Set 1
Toolkit Bag 1
Camping camping gear
Tent 1 Marmot Racer X
Sleeping Bags 2 MEC Merlin -3 °C down filled
Sleeping Bag Compression Stuff Sack 2 Outdoor Research
Sleeping Bag Liners 2 Silk
Pillows 2 MEC down filled
Sleeping Pads 2 Therm-a-Rest Inflatable (full)
Sleeping Pad Couple Kit 1 Therm-a-Rest
Tent Repair Kit 1
Sleeping Bag Repair Kit 1
Tarp 1 industrial strength (thanks Janet)
Headlamps 2 Black Diamond Spot
Spare Batteries for Head Lamps 6
Swiss Army Knife 1
Laundry Kit 1 5 m rope and pins
Compass 1
Forks 3 Lexon Plastic
Spoons 3 Lexon Plastic
Knives 3 Lexon Plastic
Bowls 2 (really big ones ;-) ) Lexon Plastic
Plates 2 Lexon Plastic
Cup w. Lid 2
Bike Clothing bike clothing
Cycling Shorts 5 Sugoi – 3 RS, 2 Evolution (each)
Leg Warmers 1 (each)
Arm Warmers 1 (each)
Arm Coolers 1 (each)
Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey 4 (each)
Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey 1 (each)
Windbreaker Vest/Jacket 1 (each)
Rain Jacket 1 (each)
Socks 4 (each)
Sports Bra 2 (for Spiros of course ;-) )
Cycling Gloves 2 Regular w. heaving padding (each)
1 Full Finger (each)
Clothing clothing/footwear
Sandals 1 Keen (each)
Hiking Shoes 1 lightweight (each)
Shorts 2 (1 pair is pant/short combo) (each)
Pants 2 (1 pair is pant/short combo) (each)
Skirt 1 (Maria)
Tuque 1 (each)
Bandannas 2 (Maria)
Fleece Gloves 1 (each)
Ball Cap 1 (each)
Wool Pullover 1 (Spiros)
Fleece Jacket 1 (Maria)
Shell Jacket 1 (each)
Swimsuit 1 (each)
T-shirts 4 (each)
Short Sleeve Shirt 1 (Spiros)
Long Sleeve Shirt 1 (each)
Thermal Underlay Top 1 icebreaker (each)
Thermal Underlay Bottom 1 (each)
Sarong 1 (each)
Camera photo equipment and other electronics
Digital SLR camera 1 Canon 20D with vertical grip
Lenses 1 17 – 70 mm
1 70 – 200 mm
Filters 4 2 UV, 2 Polarizers
Battery Charger 1
Batteries 4
Portable Storage Device 1 Compact Drive (1x160GB, 1x40GB)
Memory Cards 3 2 x 1GB, 1 x 4 GB Extreme III Compact Drive
Digital Point and Shoot Camera 1 Canon Digital Elf
Digital Video Camera 1 Canon Mini DV
Laptop 1
iPod 1 Nano
iPod Charger 1 iLuv
Solar Panel Charger 1
A/C Adapter Plugs 5
USB Memory Stick 2 1 x 1GB, 1 x 2GB
Heart Rate Monitor 1 Polar
Health and Hygiene health and hygiene
Bum Butter :-) 1 Chamois Butt’r 8 oz tubes
Insect Repellent 2 Watkins 8oz bottles
Sunscreen 3 Ombrelle SPF45 (2 sport, 1 regular)
Antibiotic Ointment 1 tube
Insect Bite Ointment 1 tube
Hydrocortisone cream 1 tube
Sunburn Relief Ointment 1 tube
Lip Balm 2 SPF 30
Ibuprophen 1 bottle
Antibiotics tablets
Antihistamines 1 pack
Anti-Diarrhetic tablets and Imodium
Altitude Sickness tablets
Cold Packs 2
Blister Kit 1
Motion Sickness Pills 1 pack
Medical Kit 1 includes: band-aids, gauze, anti-septic towels, scissors, safety pins, space blanket, tweezers, ziploc bags, tongue depressors for splints, latex gloves, iodine
Throat Lozenges 2 pack
Water Purifcation
Malaria Pills enough for six months
Mosquito Net 1 treated, double
Health Reference Guide Lonely Planet’s Healthy Travel – Africa
Toiletries toiletries
Hairbrush 1
Toothbrush 2
Dental Floss
All Purpose Soap Camp Suds
Deodorant Non-Scent
Baby Wipes lots and lots (going to be our new best friend :-D )
Hand Sanitizer
Shaving Cream
Razors lots (thanks Andrew for the tip)
Pack Towels 4 (2 large, 2 small)
Toilet Paper (thanks for the tip Janet…see you at the mall in Cairo)
Toiletries Kit Bag 1
Misc. miscellaneous
Duffel Bags 2 70 L as per TDA limit
Day Pack 1 40 L for non-cycling days
Sewing Repair Kit 1
Bungy Cords and Straps various sizes and lengths
Ziploc Bags
Stuff Sacks various sizes for compartmentalizing
Duct Tape 1 roll (fixes almost anything…don’t leave home without it)
Documents travel documents
Passports 2
Immunization Cards 2
Yellow Fever Certicates 2
Airline Tickets 2
ATM and Credit Cards
Traveller’s Checques
Driver’s License 2 International and Canadian
Health Insurance Cards
Photocopies of documents
Waterproof Document Holder 1
Passport sized photos 40 (20 each)
Journal 1
Guide Books